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Lake Tahoe

I was so happy when I discovered how easy it is to get to South Lake Tahoe via Amtrak. I have taken a combination of Amtrak train and Amtrak bus from the SF Bay Area to Stateline, Nevada (just over the border from South Lake Tahoe), and I find the entire trip to be very scenic. I have always chosen to stay at hotels in Stateline because the quality of hotel for the price is quite reasonable, since they are trying to entice people to come to their casinos.

Of course, public transit companies can change their available routes at any time, so I am very glad I took the opportunity to take short adventure trips to Lake Tahoe. At this point, I don't know which parks are still open or whether the Trolley I took to get to these gorgeous parks is still available, but I have provided links in case they are.

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Trees near Lake Tahoe
Edwin L. Z'berg Natural Preserve, Sugar Pine Point State Park, West Lake Tahoe
Mountains near Lake Tahoe
Eagle Point Campground, Emerald Bay State Park, Southwest Lake Tahoe
A trail near Lake Tahoe
Rubicon Trail, Emerald Bay State Park, Southwest Lake Tahoe

A nice YouTube video someone made of a drive on the same road the Trolley takes from
South Lake Tahoe to Emerald Bay. The video is not high resolution and it is sped up,
but it still gives some indication of how beautiful and exciting the journey is.


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