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Las Vegas

Most people who know me are surprised that I like Las Vegas. I was surprised myself to find that I do. But for someone who enjoys walking and looking at scenery, Las Vegas does have its attractions. Certainly the scenery is human made, at least along the Las Vegas Strip, but it can be quite entertaining. And there is plenty of security, especially in the hotel-casinos, so one can feel relatively safe almost any time of the day or night.

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A replica of the Erawan Shrine in Las Vegas
A beautiful replica of the Erawan Shrine is found outside of Caesars Palace hotel.
A photo in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas
A photo of Sammy Davis, Jr. and Loray White's 1958 wedding
is displayed in the Cosmopolitan hotel.
Art in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas
One of the many art installations in the Cosmopolitan hotel.
Sign in Mandalay Bay casino, Las Vegas
A sign posted in the Mandalay Bay hotel casino.
Statue in TI casino, Las Vegas
An antique carved jade horse in the Treasure Island hotel casino.


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